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136 unit Mixed-use Impact Development Project.  Santa Ana, Casco Antiguo, Panama City


In the heart of the old city, Casco View is steps from Panama's hottest bars, restaurants, recreation, public transportation and a short hop from major job centers in Panama.


Casco View brings together a mix of colonial architecture with modern finishings. The 1-BR/1-BA apartments are designed with open kitchens and floor–to--ceiling windows providing an abundance of natural light and cross ventilation.


Santa Ana is the up and coming neighborhood! The renovation of nearby plazas and sidewalks are underway along with significant private sector investments. Casco View is a corner stone project in paving the way to a thriving Santa Ana.


Casco View, with 136 apartments and attractive commercial/retail spaces, is creating a vibrant community of young professional Panamanians and international residents.

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Making a Difference

in our Urban Centers

Supporting eco-friendly, sustainable property developments in Panama.

BASIS is a socially responsible corporation working in the areas of affordable housing and community development. We at BASIS think environmental and social accountability are as fundamental as making a profit. In fact, they go hand in hand. From the development of low-cost housing to community markets, we take a conservative approach to ensure superior investment and ownership opportunities while employing the latest in sustainable and green technologies.

Our vision is to create and support eco-friendly, sustainable property developments in Panama that maximize profit for our investors and strengthen communities for our neighbors. With the goal to improve the standard of living in the inner city, in Panama our main focus is to help resolve the area’s growing workforce and lower-middle-income housing. Along with innovative housing concepts, we have begun research and development for a community marketplace that will serve as a community anchor and catalyst for real estate development


Enjoy Panama’s hot spot for cultural events and close proximity to coffee shops, restaurants and nightlife, art exhibits, yoga studios, music and street-markets.


Take part of the networking opportunities in Casco Antiguo a community of creative industry leaders, entrepreneurs, artists, musicians, and thought leaders.


Quick access to the Metro and bus line makes commuting to work easy and saves hours from the typical “heavy commute” to Panama’s job hubs. Live steps away from the Cinta Costera parks that provides running, biking and exercise resources.


Be part of the growing Casco community with like-minded professionals enjoying all the area has to offer: cultural events, health and fitness, and community markets

COMMUNITY Development

creating opportunities 

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BASIS is committed to carrying out social investments that create both a profit for investors and opportunities to improve the quality of life in the communities where we work. In the case of affordable housing, for example, this can happen in many ways:

  • Developing low-cost housing in areas of high demand and little or no private investment. These investments incite a new element of hope in the community and demonstrate project viability;

  • Teaching first time home buyers the benefits of ownership, financial planning and housing management;

  • Lobbying local government to expand incentives to home buyers and developers of housing projects;

  • Promoting energy saving designs and technologies appropriate for their market;

  • Establishing a network with the professional community to promote capacity building in design, management of housing projects; and

  • Supporting local NGOs and community organizations.

With each investment, we work closely with the local community to ensure that we are meeting the needs of the local residents and provide education.

Enhancing access to
Urban Lifestyle
businesses, services & entertainment


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Brian Wagner
Managing Partner
English / Spanish Speaker

Tel: +507.6747.9319

Lourdes Arroyo
Sales Manager
Spanish Speaker

Tel: +507.6997.2838

Eleanny Gómez
Marketing & Media
English / Spanish Speaker
César Marín
Sales Associate
Engish / Spanish Speaker

Tel: +507.6202.5273



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